Ma Petite Chérie

    My Little Darling in english - takes the reader along an obsessive and violent love story into the mud.

    Book reading on vimeo: link 




   8x10 inches

   In a limited edition of 50 hand-signed copies

   35mm photography

   Bilbao, 2016

  • Shortlisted for the Anamorphosis Prize 2016

  • Into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of New York, MoMA, USA.

  • Into the Franklin Furnace Archives of Brooklyn, USA.

  • Presentation at the New York Art Book Fair, in New York City, 2016.

  • Presentation at the PhotobookShow in Brighton, England, 2017.

  • Presentation at Taiga space for the PhotoBookShow in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2017.

  • Available at Dashwoods Books New York City, USA. 



Ma Petite CHerie.jpg